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Yıldız Holding Rewards the Stars of the Year 2020

Apr 12, 2020

The most successful projects at Yıldız Holding were awarded and the Holding’s “Global Values” were launched at the 13th Stars of the Year Award Ceremony. Stars of the Year Award Ceremony, in which 201 projects competed, was held digitally for the first time this year.

Organized with the attendance of a limited number of guests and in strict compliance with the measures against the pandemic at Ülker Sports and Event Hall on Friday, 26 March, the ceremony was viewed digitally by Yıldız Holding employees worldwide.

Awaited by the employees in Yıldız Holding and its companies with great excitement every year, Stars of the Year received 201 applications in nine different categories from all Yıldız Holding locations worldwide. Generating a total added value of TRY 1.5 billion to the Holding, these projects were evaluated by a jury of 57 experts and finalists were selected. After being voted by Yıldız Holding employees and evaluated by the main jury, nine finalists were granted awards.


In his speech at the Award Ceremony, Yıldız Holding Chair Ali Ülker stated that the Stars of the Year is a 13-year-old tradition and a very important part of the Holding’s culture of rewarding and recognition. Ali Ülker added: “We are making progress in the transformation process we initiated in 2020. We are reinforcing the corporate structure of Yıldız Holding. We aim to make our Holding a globally shining star, going beyond Turkey. Surely, our greatest supporters are our employees on this journey. Therefore, we chose the winner of this year’s Stars of the Year Chair’s Award among the projects with the theme ‘Investing in People’.”

In the event, Ali Ülker also launched the recently completed Yıldız Holding Corporate Culture and Values Survey. Yıldız Holding Values announced at the event are as follows:

  • Recognizing that we exist to serve our consumers and customers
  • Delivering high-performance leadership widely acknowledged by societies
  • Inclusion and diversity define who we are
  • Ethics and transparency are the backbone of our existence


Watched by thousands of Yıldız Holding employees in Turkey and many different parts of the world, the Stars of the Year Award Ceremony hosted the famous comedian/actor Cem Yılmaz this year. Yılmaz’s enjoyable talk show on Yıldız Holding values received considerable interest both in the hall and from the employees who watched the ceremony online.


Yıldız Holding company pladis’ factory in Harlesden won the “Stars of the Year Chair’s Award” with the Harlesden Women’s Network founded in 2020. Founded under the leadership of Nina Sparks, who started working at Harlesden factory as an engineer 20 years ago and is currently the managing director of the factory, the Harlesden Women’s Network aims to train more female employees, team leaders and executives in the factory. Offering further professional development opportunities to the factory’s female employees, Sparks made it possible to deliver leadership trainings to 35 female employees within the last 18 months. Having advanced their qualifications through these training programs, the women applied for higher positions within the factory. Harlesden now employs women team leaders and engineering apprentices in its day and night shifts. In addition, the factory’s training coordinator, supply chain manager, and advanced team member were chosen among the members of the Harlesden Women’s Network. Thus, the number of women executives at the factory, as well as the level of participation were increased.

Stars of the Year 2020 Winners

GOYA: GODIVA China – “Mid-Autumn-Festival 2020”

0 DEFECT: pladis Turkey – “Re-design the Future of Hazelnut”

Collaboration: pladis Turkey – “Jacob's Mini Cheddar Sticks”

Leader: Kerevitaş – “SuperFresh Pizza Leadership”

Contribution to Growth E-Star Global – “Digital Transformation of Yıldız Holding E-Commerce”

Innovation: Polinas – “Silver (Ag+) Ion Protective Film for COVID-19 virus”

Cost Advantage: pladis Turkey – “Procurement is Stronger than COVID-19”

Digital Leadership: Bizim Toptan – “AI Insight”

Chair’s Award - “Investing in People”: pladis United Kingdom and Ireland– “The Harlesden Women’s Network”