Stars of the Year Schedule

Keep track of the important dates and don't miss the deadline

  • Will be announced

    Call for applications

    If you are driven by improvement and successful business practices, this is your chance to shine. Select a category according to the type of your project and submit your application.

  • Will be announced

    Deadline for applications

    If you haven’t submitted your application yet, it’s time to hurry and upload your project to the website. Applications will be closed at the end of the day.

  • Will be announced

    Expert jury evaluation

    The Expert Jury will review the submitted projects and select the most promising ones according to certain criteria. After the evaluation period, a shortlist will be determined.

  • Will be announced

    Employee voting for shortlisted projects

    After the Expert Jury evaluation, the shortlisted projects will be reviewed by Yıldız Holding employees. 5 days of voting process will determine the most popular projects. Login to your account to vote.

  • Will be announced

    Shortlisted teams present their projects to the Main Jury

    Shortlisted project teams will make their presentations to the Main Jury. Presentations will be evaluated and winners will be selected.

  • Will be announced

    Stars of the Year Awards Ceremony

    After the meticulous evaluation process, the most promising and applicable projects will be selected and winners will be announced at Stars of the Year 2023 Awards Ceremony, which will take place on March 7, 2024.