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Yıldız Holding Rewards the Stars of the Year for the 14th Time

Mar 28, 2022

Yıldız Holding’s traditional Stars of the Year Awards Ceremony where many valuable projects implemented across the Holding compete every year was held for the 14th time. A new record was set as part of this year’s competition with a total of 212 projects submitted in 9 categories. Projects implemented in various areas from Innovation and Cost Advantage to Digital Leadership and Zero Defect have enabled an added value of TRY 7.3 billion.

The award ceremony of the 14th Stars of the Year competition where projects developed across all Yıldız Holding companies worldwide and contribute to the Holding in terms of innovation and reputation competed was held at Ülker Sports and Event Hall on Friday, March 25. With wide participation from Yıldız Holding companies both in Turkey and different parts of the world, the award ceremony was broadcast live for 71 thousand Holding employees across the globe. In the event where projects were awarded in nine categories, Yıldız Holding Vice Chair and CEO Mehmet Tütüncü, pladis CEO Salman Amin and GODIVA CEO Nurtaç Afridi also gave speeches.

The Stars of the Year Awards Ceremony received the highest number of applications of all time, making yet another achievement. A total of 212 projects from Yıldız Holding and its companies have contributed TRY 7.3 billion to the Holding. Among these projects, 29 were determined as finalists by the jury of experts and the winners were determined by the votes of Holding employees and the main jury.

Tütüncü: “The projects that were submitted clearly demonstrate Yıldız Holding’s entrepreneurial, creative, and success-oriented approach”

After touching upon the Holding’s performance in 2021 and goals for 2022 while giving the opening speech of the Stars of the Year Awards Ceremony, Yıldız Holding Vice Chairman and CEO Mehmet Tütüncü shared his views on the significance of this traditional competition as follows: “With each passing year, the number of projects submitted to the Stars of the Year Awards continues increasing. This year, a total of 212 projects were submitted, with an increase of 5 percent. Almost 2 thousand Yıldız Holding employees from various parts of the world extending from Turkey and the UK to China and Kazakhstan, from Australia and Egypt to the United States of America and Nigeria have worked hard to implement these projects throughout the year. The projects that were submitted clearly demonstrate Yıldız Holding’s entrepreneurial, creative, and success-oriented approach. We all know very well that Yıldız Holding is a whole and its achievements fill us all with happiness.”

Ali Ülker: “We are working to leave a more powerful structure to future generations”

Focusing on a different theme every year and standing as the biggest award of the competition, the Chair’s Award was presented personally by Ali Ülker.

This year’s theme was “The Future of Work – New Working Models.”

The winner of this category was pladis which managed to move to a new, more inclusive, comfortable, and eco-friendly campus equipped with digital technologies within a short time despite the global pandemic, implementing an efficient project.

As he presented the award to the pladis team, Yıldız Holding Chair Ali Ülker said: “In my opinion, founding and managing a company is much like having a child. While raising a child, you adopt an approach that goes beyond just saving the day. Each step you take is future-oriented; you take into account what might happen after you. Likewise, at Yıldız Holding, we are working to leave a more powerful structure to future generations. When considered from this aspect, I believe that the theme of ‘The Future of Work’ is very meaningful. Particularly with the outbreak of the global pandemic, our ways of doing business have changed and new working models have come to the fore. In parallel, expectations have changed as new generations joined the workforce. Restructuring our working models to gain the flexibility that will enable us to adapt to such changes has gained great importance. In short, we took forward-looking steps as usual and wanted to evaluate these steps at this year’s Stars of the Year Awards Ceremony. The winner of the award is pladis’ headquarters which enhanced its remote working competence the most during the pandemic and configured the associated infrastructure. Surely, the other projects that were submitted were also very valuable. For example, the projects ‘SATELLITE – Next-Generation Working Models’ developed by Yıldız Holding People and Business Support Office and covering remote, office-based, hybrid, and sales & on-site working models and the ‘Value Stream Mapping’ aimed at enhancing operational excellence by remotely bringing together the teams of similar production facilities operating in different locations were two of the other substantial projects evaluated in this category. I would like to extend my thanks to all colleagues who have submitted their valuable projects in this category.”

  • Recognizing that we exist to serve our consumers and customers
  • Delivering high-performance leadership widely acknowledged by societies
  • Inclusion and diversity define who we are
  • Ethics and transparency are the backbone of our existence

The Winners of the 14th Stars of the Year Awards

GOYA: pladis Turkey – “Dankek’s Comeback Journey”

0 DEFECT: pladis Turkey – “The Journey to Zero”

Collaboration: pladis Egypt – “MENA Honeybees”

Leadership: GODIVA – “GODIVA’s Progress in 2021”

Contribution to Growth pladis United Kingdom and Ireland – “Mini Cheddar Grows”

Innovation: pladis United Kingdom and Ireland – “Jaffa Jonuts Launch”

Cost Advantage: Bizim Toptan – “Super Project”

Digital Leadership: pladis Turkey – “pladis IoT Project”

Chair’s Award - “The Future of Work – New Working Models”: pladis – “On the Move – The New Headquarters of pladis”