There are 11 categories you can apply to the Stars of the Year. See category definitions and criteria below.

Contribution to Growth

This award recognises outstanding examples of a company or a team with demonstrable evidence of financial results, product and service improvement, use of insights, external recognition, and potential for sustainable growth.

Operational Excellence

This award recognises strong examples of innovative and effective implementation of operational excellence and business transformation initiatives.

Best Performing Marketing Campaign

This award recognises strong examples of creative, innovative, and ground-breaking performance marketing campaigns with impactful long-term profitable results.

Best Market Share Gain in Category or Trade

This award recognizes initiatives that lead to significant market share gain by means which include expansion, new products and services introduction, the development or expansion of product and service ranges proven by research or study.


This award recognizes significant breakthroughs in innovation such as product launches, product and process improvements, disruptive initiatives leading a change in the current ways of doing business.

Digital Transformation

This award recognizes the achievements of companies or teams that have successfully planned and executed the digital transformation of one or multiple areas of their business.

Invest in People

This award recognizes the company or team who has made an outstanding contribution to the development of our colleagues and future sustainability of our business through Investing in our People.

Happiness: Corporate Social Responsibility

This award recognizes the company or a team who show outstanding examples of corporate social responsibility projects in line with our «Make Happy Be Happy» mission.

Social Media Heroes

This award recognizes the company, brand or an individual who show an outstanding example of best representation on social media platforms for better engagement and reputation.

Chair’s Award of the Year: Environmental Sustainability

This award recognizes purpose-driven, innovative, large-scale, high-impact, and influencing projects that contribute to the society, and that cooperate with all stakeholders. The applications are expected to be outstanding achievements that go beyond savings, exhibit our pioneering role, and adopt an environmental sustainability approach that will transcend our factories and trigger social change.

Chair’s Award of the Year: Diversity & Inclusion

This award recognizes exemplary Yıldız Holding projects championing inclusion and diversity in line with our global values. Celebrating innovative approaches and measurable impacts, it highlights our commitment to fostering environments where every colleague feels valued and included.