Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please use the contact page.

  • Who may participate in Stars of the Year?

    All employees of Yıldız Holding Companies may participate in Stars of the Year. Employees of contractors are also allowed to apply. Third parties outside of Yıldız Holding Companies (agencies, consultancy company) may not join the teams.

  • May I make my application in the language of my choice?

    No. Applications shall be made in English language.

  • How can I participate in Stars of the Year?

    After checking out the categories and terms provided on the web site, you may apply using the application form and the “submit” section also provided on the web site.

  • May I use a document other than the online form provided on the web site for application?

    No. You have to use the online form provided on the web site.

  • May I apply for more than one categories with one project?

    No. You may not apply to different categories with the same project.

  • Can I upload images or tables to support my online written application?

    Yes. You can upload up to five images and create or paste tables in the outcome section (Step 4) on the online form. Please make sure that your application does not exceed 750 words in total. In order to maintain the standard application format do not copy and paste from Word, PowerPoint or Keynote.

  • May I participate with a project made by more than one company/department?

    Of course. We support collaboration across teams.

  • I want to include a video file in my application. Should I add it into the online form or upload separately?

    You must upload into the online form. When completing the online form, Step 6 will ask you to upload videos. You can upload up to 3 videos, which must be in the MP4 format (100 MB maximum).

  • What must be the starting and ending dates of the project that I will be presenting with my application?

    Projects that were made and resulted between the dates 1 January 2023 and 1 January 2024 shall be evaluated.

  • What is the deadline for submissions?

    Please apply latest by 19 January 2024.

  • May I participate again with the same project that was awarded the Stars of the Year in previous years?

    Projects already submitted to this Award Platform in previous years’ will not be accepted. Only exception would be projects which have been significantly modified/remodeled (i.e being digitalized), although still subject to Jury approval.

  • What is the maximum number for team members in the team?

    Maximum number of team members can be 10.

  • Can I save my application as draft and edit later?

    Application documents can be saved as draft and can be updated until the application deadline.