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Projects competing in the 10th Stars of the Year Awards deliver cost advantage close to 150 million USD

Sep 1, 2017

The Stars of the Year Awards, which rewards best practices across Yıldız Holding group companies, was held for the 10th time round this year. Starting off with only 39 projects in 2008, a total of 154 projects competed in the 2017 Stars of the Year Awards, delivering a cost advantage to Yıldız Holding in the neighbourhood of 154 million US dollars.

This year’s Chairman’s Award, given by Yıldız Holding’s Chairman Murat Ülker in a different category each year, went to ‘Zero Occupational Accidents’. “As far as success criteria go, there’s nothing more important to me than the health and safety of our employees at Yıldız Holding. The only acceptable goal for me is to achieve ‘ZERO OCCUPATIONAL ACCIDENTS’. We all need to focus our work on occupational safety and share our best practices with colleagues to set an example and encourage them,” said Murat Ülker.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Yıldız Holding’s Vice Chairman Ali Ülker said: “Yıldız Holding’s goal is not just about increasing employment. Yıldız Holding’s biggest goal has always been to ensure that our employees are safe and well and go back to their families safe, sound and happy. This fact is accepted just as much by us leaders as employers and colleagues.”

The award ceremony also hosted Lee Shelby, an occupational health and safety expert from the US, and Agâh Uğur, Borusan Holding’s CEO, as keynote speakers.

The Winners of the Stars of the Year 2017 :

GOYA: Sustainability and Cost Reduction Project for Magnesia Fusion Plant / KÜMAŞ

0 DEFECT: Less is More / MARSA

ALIGNMENT: Gum & Candy Star Brands Growth Project (Oneo & Yupo) / pladis Turkey-CCC

LEADER: UK Cake Bars Leadership / pladis UK

CONTRIBUTION TO GROWTH: Sustainable Growth of ŞOK Marketler / ŞOK Marketler

INNOVATION: Atelier de Godiva / Godiva Japan

COST ADVANTAGE: The Power of Synergy / pladis Middle East

DIGITAL LEADERSHIP: Driving Customer Loyalty Through Digitalising CRM / Godiva Japan

CHAIRMAN’S AWARD – 0 Incident- Safety / Emerging Safety Culture : Kerevitaş

CHAIRMAN’S AWARD – 0 Incident- Safety / Sustained Safety Culture: Halifax Cake / pladis UK